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Posted by Laurie Woodyard ( on 20:50:25 31/05/05

In Reply to: Update 183 posted by Laura Tubo

: Have you ever thought about how much of this life is measured in percentages? Statistics are everywhere. We deal with inflation, interest, opinion polls--everything from batting averages to the fat in our milk! It becomes increasingly hard to be 100% happy while we focus on life's numbers. This hit me tonight while I watched Gina's softball game. During each inning, the Lady Wolverines were in the moment, seeking the play, reacting to anything tossed their way. Then, at each bat rotation, they would all run to see the score. Unfortunately, the live- for- the- moment attitude was hard to adopt as they got pumped by the Little Mermaids. (Truth is-the Mermaids were anything but little! I was about to card some of those twirps.) Joey didn't seem to notice, though. For the first Friday in a very long time, we were footloose and fever free!!! Joey and I took a picnic to the game to cheer on Jeff, Gina and the rest of the Wolverines. He wanted chicken wings--(not my personal recommendation for a picnic, by the way). After the game, Gina and Joey hit the playground. Then, they hit a few balls. Joey ran an abbreviated diamond, and we all made a big deal that he got a home run. I WISH I could have caught his smile on tape. It was pure victory in every sense of the word. It does me good to see him so active again after last week's flu. He doesn't stay down long. In fact, I tried to suggest a few relaxing activities today, like board games. To that I was told, "Mommy, do you know why they call them board games? Because, when you play them, you are SO BORED!" My superhero is used to a little more action, I guess. Boring is just fine with me, though. We've had enough excitement this past year. We ARE really looking forward to our Disney Trip, however. The Make-A-Wish Volunteers are presenting our itinerary to us on June 2nd. The kids have made a paper chain counting down the days---We are 50% less than when we started with only 19 more days to go! And, we can't wait! Truly, I already feel like all of our wishes came true with Joey's recovery. But, a little Disney Magic never hurt to celebrate our 100% remission. Of all the numbers in this world, there is one figure that will never be erased from my memory. Yesterday, Joey said to me, "Mommy, I love you a thousand percent!" Well, to that I say, in the words of Joey's favorite Disney character, "Joey, I love YOU to Infinity AND BEYOND!" Til next time....

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