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Posted by Emily, Robert, and Charlie ( on 18:42:59 01/05/05

In Reply to: Update 180 posted by Laura Tubo

Hi Joey....Robert wanted to say "Hi" from Chicago. We think and talk about you all the time but we haven't sent you a note in so long. We went to a museum today in Chicago and they had an exhibit called BodyWorks. It was really cool because you got to see the INSIDE of various parts of real bodies. I know you would have LOVED IT because your mom says you are very interested in the human body. Anyway, keep fighting off any bugs that come your way. Say hi to your sister and your Mom and Dad. We love you, The Sierra Clan

: The circle of life means different things to different people. We all hope for a natural progression, but often times, we seem to just be GOING in circles. This past week was no different. Joey delt with another fever. His recent circle seems to involve daycare on Monday and Tuesday, illness on the weekend. Last weekend, it was a high fever and vomiting. This weekend, it is a bulging ear infection. Of course, he doesn't seem to mind any of it. Then again, when you've mixed in OUR circles, not much bothers you. Our apathy for life's "little" bumps certainly came in handy on Thursday when we had 2 cars die; we arrived late for 2 separate doctor's appointments; and, we tried to go to a hair appointment which was really scheduled for Friday. GREAT DAY! These kind of days make a day-to-day outlook VERY important. Hopefully, all will go much smoother next week. Joey will be scanned on Thursday and Friday for a post-Accutane check-up. It is quite a strange process. It gives me stress and piece of mind all at once. I don't want to have the scans, and yet, I need them all at the same time. I guess it's part of the progression through this life which seems so much more like a roller coaster than a circle. If only I could just figure out tomorrow. Joey certainly had it all figured out today. We were on our way to a wonderful family shower, and my thoughtful son was discussing the future with me. He said, "Mommy, you can't sell Daddy's truck. If you do, what will I drive when I get bigger?" I said, "Joey, that truck will be too old for you to drive. We'll get you a new one." He said, "No you won't! You won't be here when I drive!" I said, "Yes, I will. You can drive when you are a teenager." Then, Joey's circle of life was defined in his own mind. He said, "OH! I get it! You are a baby, then kid, then teenager, then adult, then old man, then skeleton, right?" Yeah-Buddy. That's what we're going for....that really BIG circle that gets us to OLD man! Sometimes, I think he already is so old, inside. He certainly has expanded our circle in this life. And, I am so blessed to share his wisdom each day.

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