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Posted by Laura Tubo ( on 22:21:12 10/04/05

We no longer dread birthdays in this family. OLD age is something we strive, hope and pray for. So, I don't feel so old after Friday...I better not, because Joey has told the entire free world my age. We celebrated my birthday as we usually do--with a party at my sister's house. She always throws me a party--and I always let her. It was an awesome time with family. Joey came up to me at one point and said with big outstretched arms and an adorable smile, "I love you Birthday Girl!" That was really the only present I needed. The week was full with work and activities. Joey actually had 2 visits to the doctor. The first revealed a slight protein (blood) in his urine. So, we had to bring him back a second time to recheck him. He is on his last round of Accutane, and they just wanted to watch him closely for that reason. The recheck was an improvement. His blood chemistry remains stable. His platelets continue to be a little low, but otherwise, he is lookin good. He is so active. I just smile all day when I look at him. Spring is such a busy time for everyone. The chores seem endless. But, I don't mind any of it as long as I can share it with my family. When you spend as much time in hospitals as we did, pulling weeds seems like such a gift. Joey and I did spend some time this week working in my neglected garden. Joey has his own tools and gloves, just his size. At one point, Joey, ever enamored with the sky, stood in the garden, looked to the sky, and said, "Mommy, isn't it SO cool? The birds have the sky for their home!" Later that night we wished on stars. Joey whispered up to the star, "I wish I was a bird." Then he said, "NO, no, no...I wish I was a HUMAN who could fly like a bird." If it's possible, Joey will do it. Today, we went to Pump It Up for another party. I cried most of the time watching him scale inflated rock walls and plummet down giant slides. It's strange being in one of those places. I find myself wanting Joey to be so normal, and at the same time, I want to make an announcement on the loud speaker telling everyone how amazing it is that he IS being so normal. When I think about it, it overwhelms me. Our yesterday was certainly a struggle, our tomorrow is so very uncertain, but I would not trade for anything the joy in every today we get to experience. Hope your today is as happy as ours.....

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