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Posted by Laura Tubo ( on 21:26:15 04/04/05

Yeah-just when you think you have it all figured out. You feel like God's purpose is so evident....you find joy in everyday things....you help others see the light....God gives you yet something more---the opportunity to be humbled. That about sums up my weekend. After our full week of fun, including Friday nights girls club at Beauty and the Beast, I woke up with the flu on Saturday. This put me in a flu bubble all day and all night. I quaranteened myself in my bedroom except for the occasional peek in by Gina or Joey. At one point, Joey wrapped up his favorite stuffed animal in his favorite blanket and brought it to me with the sweetest grin I have ever seen. He gave it to me for comfort, but it was the grin that gave me the most. Of course, he immediately told me I couldn't keep it, I could just hold it. On Saturday night, I did catch some news which was of course centered around the Pope's passing. So, I was not surprised to find a full lot at church the next morning. I was still feeling crappy, but I managed to get ready as I had a solo at mass. Many of you know the rest...but, I might as well humble myself to the rest of the faithful Bloggers....I arrived at mass proud of myself that I had made it early for a change...only to find out that I was an hour late. My daylight had yet to be saved, and my soul will have to wait another week, because I missed the whole thing. I still had Joey to comfort my pathetic self when I returned home. So, the day wasn't a total loss. Today, it was back to the grind at work. It will be a full week for all. I plan to send Joey back to daycare on Thursday. He has a clinic visit for a check of his blood counts tomorrow. And, he began his last round of Accutane today. So far, the rest of the family is clear of my flu. And, all but my pride has recovered for me. At least I have the flu to blame, what was Jeff's excuse? Til next time....

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