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Posted by Ginny ( on 23:55:01 31/03/05

In Reply to: Update 176 posted by Laura Tubo

: I realize that a lot of parents consult this site for insight and advice. So, here are some words of wisdom from my son today....spoken like a true cancer survivor....he said to me, "Mommy, RULE #1---NEVER let the bad guys see you bleed!" This struck me strangely funny while at the same time I was once again questioning my parenting skills (letting him play those Bond video games)! Words to live by for sure. Anyway, we have had a full week of Spring Break. I have been off all week with the kids and lovin every minute of it. Monday, we had a play date with our cousins. Joey found himself being thrown around the living room in "Wrestle Mania" with the Bindus clan. I loved seeing him rough house with the other kids. He looked so normal to me. I constantly fight myself to believe it....and, he constantly shows me it is really true. Tuesday was an adventure with Grandpa Bob. He drove over to our house in his new motorhome with the DeLeones inside. We all went to lunch at The Hartville Kitchen---because that was the only place we felt we could safely park. All Joey could say was, "This is SSSWWEEET!" All the kids got a real kick out of the ride. And, that was my idea of camping! A little ride around the country and home in the same day. Beautiful. Wednesday really WAS beautiful. We took a picnic to Boettler Park. Joey kept up with the other kids by climbing the rock wall to the top. I held my breath while I let him do it. His sheer pride at the top was enough to fill my day. Then, we brought an extra kid home, cousin Nick, to spend the night. The boys were up late playing video games. Gina did her usual pass out routine by 9:00. God love her. She just doesn't have Joey's energy or stamina. Today, we took in a flick, The Pacifier. It was cute. We met up with the DeLeones and Grandpa Bob again and took cousin Mitch along too. We filled 2 rows at the theatre. This evening, the kids and I went for a haircut. Joey's hair is so curly. I hope you enjoyed the recent pictures of it. This is our third haircut. But, he was careful to remind me not to have too much taken off. His cousin Nick told him, "Joey, Curls mean the GIRLS!" So, he wanted to make sure he still had some curls at the end of the trim. My little Bond--he's always thinking of the Hotties! All in all-we've had a full week. I could get used to this. Tomorrow, it's girls night out. We are going to see Beauty and the Beast at the Carousel Dinner Theatre. My sister, friend Rhonda, myself and our daughters are going. I might even talk Gina into wearing the dress again. Ok, one miracle in the family is probably enough. I don't want to get greedy. I hope you all are having a great week too. Til next to all.

It has been so great seeing the family at church that sometimes I forget to ask how things are going, but then I see Joey running in the hallway after church or picking on his cousin and being corrected by his aunt, then I know he's acting like a normal kid again. I love it when he comes up to sit with you in choir. I'll sneak a peak to see what he's doing, sometimes he's just looking at you and other times he has questions for you. Such a normal thing for a little boy. As always you are always in our thoughts. By the way Joey I love the wavy hair.

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