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Posted by Laura Tubo ( on 16:38:49 06/03/05

No news is good news? I have nothing to report on the scans of Thursday and Friday, except to say that they went very well. Jeff made a quick run to the video store Wednesday night to pick up a Bond flick. Joey and I watched Tomorrow Never Dies while sitting through the two days of scans. Two of the many images taken were 30+ minutes long. That is a LONG time for a 4 year old to be still, but he did it like a champ. We saw some familiar faces while at the hospital. Everyone could not get over how Joey's hair has grown. It has come in wavy, and he is just adorable, inside and out. When the scans were finished, he was offered a prize out of the prize box. And, after finding a prize for himself, he said, "Mommy, I think I'll find something for Gina." I could not believe that he spent an entire morning strapped to a bone scan machine and when asked if he wanted an additional prize, he thought of Gina instead. His giving heart never ceases to amaze me. These moments redeem those ever-familiar 4-year-old times. I really do treasure the good with the bad. After church this morning, Joey had a mini-fit when Jeff scolded him for being a little too roudy during mass. Our buddy, Dave, said, "That's good. I like to see him fighting!" Me too. While I put on a stern face, I am laughing inside and embracing his fighting spirit. It was all I could do not to laugh following church. Joey and I stopped off to get the car washed. Afterwards, I pulled up to vacuum out the most visible layer in the van. Joey jumped to behind the back seat to get out of the way. After I was satisfied with my hard work, I called him out to get back in his seat. He emerged from the back seat covered in packing peanuts that he had found in a box. So much for the vacuum job. What did I say before, each time we clean up a mess, we are THANKFUL that we can? Today, I am into just that, cleaning up messes. Thank you Lord, AGAIN! Jeff and Gina are at the YMCA for their Sunday basketball. In fact, they have been into basketball all weekend. On Friday night, Jeff took Gina to Michigan for a Saturday's, U of M Basketball Game. They had a blast. They met up with Cousin Mike who took a few pictures at the game. Check them out in the BLOG entry below! I hope to uncover OUR digital camera in my quest for cleanliness today. If I do, we will try to post recent pictures of Joey as well. Otherwise, I will post when I know the scan results officially. Thanks for checking in on us. It is because of you, that we are strong. It is because of you, that I know Joey remains healed. I am forever grateful for your prayerful support. Til next time.

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