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Posted by Laura Tubo ( on 12:08:39 19/02/05

I woke up today feeling strangely normal. My to do list was formulating in my mind as I lie there thinking of the million things I needed to accomplish. I'm sure many mothers did that this Saturday morning. We are all so task driven. For me, though, it was strangely normal because it was one year ago today that Joey was admitted to the hospital with a leg complaint. I remember getting the call at work from Jeff. We decided to take him to the hospital. I remember telling my boss (and my friend) that I needed to go to the ER, but that it was "nothing serious". I remember all of it like it happened 5 minutes ago. The memories of the past year will haunt me and enlighten me for a long time to come. This life is a journey, and we get the gift of appreciating it more than we did a year ago. Today, we are making happy memories. We are doing that by being a "normal" family. We all went to Gina's basketball game, stopped off for a few groceries, and are all now into our Saturday activities. I'm off to finish painting my living room. Joey has been helping me with spackle. He wasn't too keen on the new color at first, and he didn't like the furniture moved around. I said to him, "You don't like things changing too much, do you?" He said, "No Mommy, I don't like it--especially when my life changes!" This hit me that at 4 years old, he could be so reflective and deep. But, we have seen this from him before. He has lived a lot of life in the past year. And, because of God's miracle, we plan to live a lot more life in the years to come--being our normal selves--appreciating each moment we get! Have a wonderful, NORMAL, weekend. We love you all.

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